Antoinette Sandbach - Eddisbury Liberal Democrats

Statement on this week's events

I believe Parliament should be able to hold the Government to account and because recognise the huge risks that no-deal would cause.

By Digital Directorate, Sep 05, 2019 2:09

You will have read that I have recently lost the Conservative whip.  I wanted to write to you to explain what this means and set out how it will affect you, my constituent.  It is of course deeply disappointing that the Prime Minister has removed the whip from me.  However I will continue to serve as your MP and I remain committed to my constituents.

In 2017 I promised to support leaving the EU with a deal, and to oppose the humiliation of leaving the EU without a deal. I voted three times for the deal the Prime Minister struck with Brussels. I have also voted for legislation that would reduce the chances of leaving without a deal. For honouring this second commitment to my constituents, the Prime Minister has decided I cannot continue to sit as a Conservative MP.

This means that I no longer am expected to vote with the Conservative Party in Parliament and can no longer attend meetings of the Conservative Party in Parliament. If the whip is not restored it will also mean that I cannot be the Conservative Party candidate in an upcoming election. While I hope my party come to their senses and restore the whip, I cannot guarantee that they will.

None of this however, will have any impact on my work as your local MP. I will continue to serve my constituents as their MP. I will continue to stand up for their values and interests in Parliament and work tirelessly to fight their corner. I will keep doing casework and offer support to constituents struggling to access public services or who are facing difficulties. I will also continue to promote Eddisbury and Cheshire as a great place to live and work.

You will have read that 20 other MPs have also had the whip withdrawn, including 2 former Chancellors of the Exchequer, a former Lord Chancellor, a former Attorney General and 4 other former Cabinet Ministers. In total Boris Johnson forced out over 350 years of experience and public service from the Conservative Parliamentary Party in one day.

I joined these MPs in the division lobby because I believe Parliament should be able to hold the Government to account and because recognise the huge risks that no-deal would cause. The UK Trade Policy Observatory warns that a no-deal Brexit could cost 80,000 jobs in the North West. I could not have lived with myself if I had put my job ahead of the livelihoods of those 80,000 people.

I hope this explains my position as your MP. If you have any more questions, please get in touch.

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